From the newspaper “The print”

Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses for the blind offers the mountain approach

A Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, in the high valley of Gran San Bernardo, there is an initiative to help bring the nature and the mountain of blind people. The promoter was Leonardo Urano, hotelier who has been operating with two non-profit organization: l’Anpvi, that takes care of people with sight loss, e l’UIC, Italian Union of the Blind. Uranus came into contact with the two associations after having eye problems and suffered several interventions. Thanks to the efforts of Uranus, There was support from the Forestry Department of the Aosta Valley people, Nature lovers and mountain expert, of various voluntary associations of the Valley, in particular of Valpelline. The blind follow carers with one hand on their shoulder and are guided in tours for activities mainly olfactory and tactile. So they can breathe the mountain air, smell and touch the flowers, pet the dog of the Great St. Bernard, listen to the sound of streams and bathe your hands, trees and rocks and perform motor activity. They are unique experiences for people who habitually live in the city.

For visually-impaired guests are some yardsticks as the Gran San Bernardo, the diga di Place Moulin, with rich banks of flowers of all kinds, the natural environment of Chamois. The activities will not be completed in late summer.

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