Jambon de Bosses ancient delicacy



air flows and craftsmanship secrets of an elite product "old" more 600 years from the exclusive processing and maturing of the very select breed of pig thighs. Salting and herbs, finally, complement the great work (R.Na.)




The altitude (1600 meters above sea level), dry climate, the particular exposure and the combination of air streams that descend from the hills of Malatra, Citrin, Serena and Gran San Bernardo: It is the habitat of Aosta Valley Jambon de Bosses Dop, the prized raw ham made in Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, the ancientEudracinum, It founded by the Romans in the first century on the way to Switzerland to which they came through the high pitch of 'Alpis Poenina, as well as the last villageValle del Gran San Bernardo before crossing the Swiss border. elite ski resort in winter and a destination, in estate, for fans trekking erafting dominated by the castle of the lords of Bosses: who, about twenty kilometers from Aosta, now takes place from 1397 the exclusive manufacturing and seasoning of the best thighs of highly selected pigs.

Handicraft product one hundred percent: by salting with the addition of juniper, timoe other herbs of the valley to the long maturation (never less than 12 months) near Hay. The result is a very precious raw ham with its compact form, dark red, a delicate perfume and aromatic flavor and fragrant, slightly salty with a sweet aftertaste, ideal to enjoy with black bread, butter, miele, nuts and a good red wine, preferably soft and medium-bodied.







A rare gastronomic delicacy (production is limited), enhancement of an ancient taste always created with the same unmistakable technique, almost a ritual for the people of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, who do not normally go cooked although, for some years, at the restaurant Alpage dell’Hotel Des Alpes, friendly hotel overlooking the village, also use it to prepare special rolls Saint Rhémy. The procedure, explained by the wise and visionary Leonardo, is simple: spice up the fillet with juniper and thyme (do not salt), then apply a slice of ham and roll. Switch in the flour and cook in olive oil and butter. Add red wine: a great Fumin in Grosjean Valle d'Aosta. Brasare. And naturally, Enjoy your meal!

Rolls Saint Rhémy

Ingredients 2 people
2 little slices of rump steak jokes
4 slices of Jambon de Bosses, not too thin
Rosso Fumin Grosjean

Rosario Naimo

From Bosses Ham, ancient delicacy