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accessible Mountain: for a culture

Implement plans that allow to build tourist products fair and accessible to all, as well as providing excellent opportunities for development: these will be the central themes of the meeting of study called “Accessible tourism in the mountains”, to be held on 4 November to AO, with an introductory report of Pietro Barbieri, President of FISH (Italian Federation for Overcoming).
'Article 30 the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – write of the organizers of tourism studies available in the mountains, to be held Friday 4 November to AO -, ratified by the Italian government and the European Union, states that: “States Parties recognize the right of persons with disabilities to take part on an equal basis with others in cultural life and shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that people with disabilities: […] access to places that host sporting activities, recreational and tourism”. In order for this article, but more generally the UN Convention, together with the actions that the Ministry of Tourism has undertaken (Manifesto for the Promotion of Tourism and the Tourism Code Accessible), are applicable, it is very necessary to implement plans that will allow to build equitable tourism products and generating development ".It will thus essentially that the object of the said meeting of studies of Aosta (Exhibition of the Regional Building Events, Piazza Deffeyes, 1, ore 9-13), the Courmayeur Foundation, CSV-Aosta Valley Solidarity Coordination NGO Consortium and Cooperatives Trait d'Union will propose, as mentioned, for Friday 4 November, with the aim of creating opportunities and ways of working more interactive strategies, on European Union support and data on one aspect than ever Central, such as operator training and the culture.
"We also want – still claim the promoters – offering an opportunity for discussion and experimentation to know the result of territorial planning projects and finalized the acquisition of insights designed to produce experiences that are truly the result of shared actions, including through the involvement of different subjects, such as representative organizations of people with disabilities. The strategies for accessible tourism must therefore be aimed at the overall offer that guarantees opportunities for access to the experiences given by the peculiarities of the territories. At the same time it is necessary that the proposals are implemented on the basis of equality and this is not only the performance of a legal obligation, but an opportunity for particularly interesting development, as it enhanced tools and offers the most advanced visualizations that increase the potential of different turis mo accessible, ensuring the growth of the tourism market and the actual impact on the quality and livability of places ".Aperto by Lodovico Passerin d'Entrèves, President of the Scientific Committee of the Courmayeur Foundation, Albert Lanièce and Aurelio Marguerettaz, commissioners of Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta, respectively of Health, Health and Social Policy and Tourism, Sport, Commerce and Transport, The conference will then be introduced by a report by Pietro Barbieri, President of FISH (Italian Federation for Overcoming) (Manifesto for the tourist promotion of accessible mountain areas), followed by the start of the two thematic working groups dedicated respectively Strategies and opportunities in the European Union – Disability in Europe without barriers (coordinato da Agnieszka Stokowiecka, official at the Presidency of the Valle d'Aosta Region) and accessible tourism and culture of hospitality – The importance of knowing the needs and expectations for a quality offer (coordinated by Serenella Besio, lecturer at the Faculty of Scien ze Education of the University of Valle d'Aosta).
subsequently, after the presentation of a survey conducted by the students of Education Degree from the University of Valle d'Aosta at some tour operators (activities carried out in collaboration with the Association Albergatori Valle d'Aosta – heard), the first of two final sessions will cover the topic accessible and Tourism Strategy, with the participation of Paolo Nicoletti, General Director of Tourism Department, Business, Promotion and Internationalization of the Province of Trento (Province of Trento: product quality and the tourist experience) and Marcus Rocca, Director of Mobility International Schweiz (Switzerland: accessibility and tourism planning).
The other session, finally, It will take care of Innovative Projects, Diego J. Gonzàlez Velasco, Councilor Accessible Tourism Catalan Agency of Tourism (Government of Catalonia) (Catalonia, accessible tourism – Tourism for all) and Santa Tutino, Head of Service Protected Areas of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Valle d'Aosta Region (Protected Natural Areas and accessibility).
The conclusions of the day will be entrusted to Pietro Barbieri. (S.B.)