Wellness Center

Guests inside the hotel is a wellness center that includes:

  • Jacuzzi

The whirlpool is a very relaxing way to leave behind a long and tiring day and the ideal formula for regain power and vitality before an even busier night out or to face a new day, experiencing a feeling of complete relaxation of body and mind!

  • Finnish sauna with aromatherapy

The Finnish sauna is an effective tool for relaxation and skin cleaning, to place in rooms made of pine wood and consists of a dry heat bath, at about 80-90 ° alternating with cold showers thus allowing the increase in the immune defenses facilitating recovery from tension and stress.

  • Turkish Bath multifunctional RASUL (tepidarium, calidarium)

It is a treatment that takes place in a closed environment with steam where the relative humidity is very high (from 90 al 100%). The internal temperature varies from 40 60 ° C. The turkish bath has several beneficial effects: It promotes circulation: the first heat effect is the dilation of blood vessels; It promotes a deep cleansing and skin cleansing. It also has a toning and relaxing effect and reduces stress.