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The Dinner in the dark of the Des Alpes is a musical

Saturday 4 October, the Cuchepaches hôtel proposes the evocative experience of dining in darkness to raise awareness among guests on the theme of blindness

News from Aosta Journal MatinIn the dark you can do some’ of everything. Find out the scotch sparks, guess the spices by smell, try to figure out what kind of pasta than there is in a jar, listen to the presentation of a book, discover that the wine you're drinking is red instead of white, that the taste of food changes so surprising and, Saturday, Also listen to good music.
Leonardo Urano, titolare Dell'Hotel Des Alpes di Cuchepaches, Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses proposes for Saturday 4 October, Dinner in the dark accompanied by a new. The duo Alberto Varaldo and Pietro Ballestrero, harmonica and guitar, propose a musical accompaniment that ranges between composition and improvisation, where jazz sounds alternate with Mediterranean atmosphere and South American.
For those who have never attended, dining in the dark is exciting and powerful experience. Beyond the initial disorientation and fun, It is an important opportunity to reflect on the world of those who never see the light not.
You have to trust. Who accompanies you at the table, of what you have in the pot, the dexterity of those who serve in cups of hot coffee tables loud and disorderly.
When the light is slowly returns it remains bewildered and a little’ weary, for fatigue and to keep the concentration of the other four senses always on the lookout, but certainly richer, inclusive, involved and careful. Dining in the dark is "a way to reduce the psychological distance between those who have lost their sight and who does not have this disability ', as he has repeatedly stressed Uranus.
To juggle between the tables wearing for a night on the role of the waiters will be people who consistently live well. In the dark.
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